Body Gurlz is the brainchild of God all mighty!

Here’s What Happened-

One of HIS servants was meeting with a group of women; a sister’s circle is how
they referred to it.  During the midst of the meeting, the servant listened to
the women’s thoughts and opinions regarding life and Christianity and realized
that something was missing.  She thought about how we as Christians needed to
do more to support one another and how we needed to be more visible in the
community.  Further, how we struggle with sparking conversations regarding the
body of Christ.  Then it happened… as HIS servant walked away from the group to
tend to other matters, God whispered in her ear: “Body Gurlz.”  The servant was
perplexed and didn’t know what this meant so she confined herself to a room,
secured a pen and paper and began writing.  God gave her the dimensions for the
trademark and then revealed to her that Body Gurlz should be an apparel
company.  From that day, May 26, 2015 to this, the designing hasn’t ended
surpassing 500 unique logos to get people crunked about Christ!

Product Description

Although our company name is Body Gurlz, (designed with the Christian woman in
mind) roughly 90 percent of our apparel is gender neutral.  Body Gurlz provides
a unique selection of T-shirts and tote bags in a variety of sizes and colors.
Our T-shirts are 100% cotton and pre-shrunk.  Both T-shirts and tote bags are
meaningful and inspiring and designed to spark conversations about the Lord’s
Church according to Matthew 16:18.  Surf our product line- we guarantee that you
will fall in love with what God has given us.

Future Products

As Body Gurlz grows, you will see our 500 T-shirt designs come to fruition as
well as experience the humor of our “Adam and Eve” series.  We will venture into
bomber jackets, sleepwear, duffle bags, intricately designed caps, embroidered
apparel and Christian literature.